He’s making the world a better place, one M&M at a time

In case you haven’t heard, five-year-olds get homework now.

Yes, actual homework, the likes of which a 1977 kindergartner never saw. (She was too busy walking to school alone, breathing in leaded gasoline and avoiding cars on the road with doors tied on with twine.)

This week, my son’s homework includes writing a new year’s resolution. I found it amusing since my own resolution was already broken by Jan. 4. Yes, I got that far, and I’m quite proud.

I thought this assignment was a great exercise for him to think about all the things he wanted to improve, and envisioned a list that included creating more art, selflessly helping other children, feeding the poor and playing more chess.

But he’s 5. The highlight of his week is thinking about the possibility that he might get a doughnut or go on a visit to a bouncy house.

Thus his resolution: “To eat more candy.”

Because, you know, he’s 5. Selflessness and self-righteousness take time, and he hardly ever gets Rolos anymore.

Because he knows what’s important to him in the coming year, and doesn’t need your judgment. Just your candy.


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