The Grantham menace: I can’t quit you, ‘Downton Abbey’

Does Julian Fellowes use his cell or his landline when he phones in “Downton Abbey” each week?

Last night’s episode on PBS was markedly better than the season premiere, as I didn’t find myself coming up with ideas for new drinking games to get me through the experience. 

The obvious scenarios, along with the characters explaining every little thing that happens, have convinced me that this is nothing more than “The Bold and the Beautiful” with better costumes and quieter voices.

The show jumped the shark (yes, I do realize that the expression “jumped the shark” jumped the shark a long time ago) way before cousin Oliver (I mean cousin Rose ) showed up. Old people like me will recall that “The Brady Bunch” never quite recovered when the younger, blonder cousin Oliver arrived in the final season.

Well, the much blonder, far-too-energetic Rose is Oliver’s heir apparent. (Oh, let us see how she will shake up stodgy old Downton this week! Whatever will that young lady be on about next? Maybe she’ll become a flapper. Oh, these times are changing. Indeed! Whaaat? A wireless at Downton? Next she’ll be cutting herself bangs.)

No matter what Rose does, I cannot accept that she is there. After all, why is she there? Who is she again? Why do I care?

And yet, I know I’m going to watch again next week. As an English major, I hate myself. But I can’t seem to stop watching.

Are you stuck watching “Downton Abbey” as well? Do you love it or hate it, or are you conflicted? What show do you love to hate-watch? Leave a comment.

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