Top 10 reasons why you (maybe) don’t want measles


  1. Unsightly red spots.

  2. Might get pesky brain inflammation.

  3. Eyes could stop working.

  4. You’ll look like a throwback to the mid-1960s.

  5. Doctors younger than 70 won’t even know what you have.

  6. Makes it easier to pick up ebola when that hits.

  7. Anti-vax families will keep inviting you over for playdates (so they can inoculate the old-fashioned way — by catching it).

  8. Probably have to stay home from Disneyland.

  9. Eyes hurt and you feel like you might die.

  10. Oh, yeah. You could die.


  1. Anonymous

    I will keep with vaccinations thank you.

    1. Jillian O'Connor (Post author)

      That sounds like a very good plan.

  2. Joy Christi from ComfyTown

    You had me at “brain inflammation.” I LOVE this post so much I want to make out with it. Don’t worry, I’ve had all my shots!
    I am going to post this to every social media, I love this message and the way you’ve worded it. PERFECT.

    1. Jillian O'Connor (Post author)

      Oh, stop. I’m blushing. (I think that’s what this redness is.) I just came back from a Disneyland trip, so let’s hope it’s not measles … Thanks for your support, Joy!


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